Taurus Techzone


Building Area
2.8 Million sq ft



Embassy Taurus TechZone is located in Trivandrum’s well established secondary business district, Technopark. It is at the center of the city’s fastest-growing precinct, where the majority of the new residential supply, retail and hotels are now being developed. The region around the Embassy Taurus TechZone is the top choice for young professionals and their families to live in and it attracts a robust talent pool from across Kerala and Southern Tamilnadu, as well as from the rest of India.

Embassy Taurus TechZone is designed to host a truly world-class workforce, drawn from across India and the globe. The project has been conceptualized to help attract and retain talented employees not only by providing attractive, healthy workspaces and a great user experience but also by providing social infrastructure that would not be out of place not just in Bangalore but even in Boston or the Bay Area.

Across the world, leading employers are finding that their employees prioritize the quality of their lives when making location and employer choices. Dull, suburban campuses are now falling empty everywhere as the young workforce aspires to move back downtown, to enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of the rejuvenated city center. In cities from New York to Munich to San Francisco, city center offices are back in vogue.

This is why TaurusTM has created the Downtown Trivandrum project, of which the Embassy Taurus TechZone is the anchor component, to bring the captivating experience of living and working in a modern, city center, to the center of Technopark

The Embassy Taurus TechZone is closely integrated with a regional-scale shopping and entertainment center, tenanted by global retail firms, where the well-traveled, sophisticated employee can unwind after and shop for essentials. A 175 key business hotel provides not just a place to stay for employees and company guests but also to host meetings at or go out for a casual get-together. All within, at most, a 5-minute walk from their workstation.

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Master Plan