At Embassy Office Parks, we are dedicated to finding new and creative ways to engage our clients' employees and ensure that they get the most out of their workspaces.

The Energize programme is at the core of that commitment. Through the programme, we provide our clients’ employees with a meaningful environment that nurtures a healthy work-life balance.

Leveraging the great infrastructure of the Parks, a dedicated team works round-the-clock to organise a series of initiatives across various interests. Through the Energize programme, more than 125 different events have been conducted, many of which are annual properties.

The events see more than 40,000 participants actively engaging with each other and creating a unique work place experience.

These activities, conducted on a monthly basis, are a balance of cultural, musical, community empowering initiatives and popular sporting events. This keeps the competitive and participatory spirit alive ensuring there is something for everyone.

Through the Energize initiative, we try and create a vibrant workspace, where employees interact with each other and gain a sense of fulfilment, making their association with us an enriching one.